Thursday, June 11, 2009

Paradigm for New Year 2009 ?

Question from one of my student:

"What in your opinion would be 'A new empowering Paradigm for New Year 2009'?

My Answer: 

Paradigm is your own vision from your own point of view. At any given time a generalized paradigm cannot be set for all. For an inborn child and a grown-up adult the same pattern-paradigm-goal would not be suitable. So the age, intellect and position determine the factors…that too by oneself. So, empowering the Paradigm is...ones deeper thirst… and his need of the hour for the New Year! 

And know this truth, empowering… or giving power to your goals/visions/paradigm shall never going to be powerful/meaningful unless a strong purpose arises from you within!

SO, KNOW YOUR PURPOSE OF ARRIVAL to this frequency-world and fix up your stronger goals to empower it then!


MBK/Yozen Mind

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