Thursday, June 11, 2009

Different types of psychology

Cognitive, Forensic, and Social Psychology?

Cognitive psychology is the school of psychology that examines internal mental processes such as problem solving, memory, and language. Cognitive psychologists are interested in how people understand, diagnose, and solve problems, concerning themselves with the mental processes which mediate between stimulus and response.
Forensic psychology is the intersection between Psychology and the Criminal justice system. It involves understanding criminal law in the relevant jurisdictions in order to be able to make legal evaluations and interact appropriately with judges, attorneys and other legal professionals. A forensic psychologist can be trained in clinical, social, organizational or any other branch of psychology. In the United States, the salient issue is the designation by the court as an expert witness by training, experience or both by the judge.
Social psychology is the study of how social conditions affect human beings. Scholars in this field are generally either psychologists or sociologists, though all social psychologists employ both the individual and the group as their units of analysis.

Different types of psychology

* Analytical Psychology
* Animal Psychology
* Behavioral Psychology
* Behaviorism
* Clinical Psychology
* Community Psychology
* Comparative Psychology
* Consumer Psychology
* Criminal Psychology
* Developmental Psychology
* Differential Psychology (Individual Differences)
* Ecological Psychology
* Ego Psychology
* Environmental Psychology
* Ethnopsychology
* Evolutionary Psychology
* Experimental Psychology
* Experimental Social Psychology
* Feminist Psychology
* Folk Psychology
* Forensic Psychology
* Genetic Psychology
* Gestalt Psychology
* Health Psychology
* History of Parapsychology
* Human Behavior
* Human Development
* Humanistic Psychology
* Individual Psychology
* Infant Psychology
* International Psychology
* Life-Span Developmental Psychology
* Mathematical Psychology
* Media Psychology
* Military Psychology
* Neuropsychology
* Parapsychology
* Political Psychology
* Psychohistory
* Psychology of Aging
* Psychology of Art
* Psychology of Color
* Psychology of Eating
* Psychology of Gender
* Psychology of Men
* Psychology of Music
* Psychology of Mysticism
* Psychology of Play
* Psychology of Religion
* Psychology of Sports
* Psychology of Violence
* Psychology of War
* Psychology of Women
* Psychophysiology
* School Psychology
* Self Psychology
* Thanatology
* Transpersonal Psychology

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